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This is the best way for the Government to accompany these transitions. We will do this with the use of European resources that will arrive from 2021 onwards .” What is the V2G Project This is an important project that allows you to exploit advanced technologies in the auce completed, will be the largest in the world to date. The project, developed entirely in Italy, uses V2G technology to allow various vehicles to recharge and exchange energy with the surrounding network.

This allows us to optimize the cost

Of the energy that  Therefore, moves the means of transport, thus also Vietnam Phone Number Data obtaining an advantage for the environment. Therefore, It is in fact a more sustainable solution than those currently used by the sector. The official note on the project underlines precisely this characteristic of the project: it is “the concrete opportunity for the Italian industrial system to take a leading role in tlutions.The  Therefore, Third Sector Business Register is here: here’s what it’s all about Approved by the

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State-Regions Conference on 10 September he

RUNTS will become Therefore,  definitively operational in a few Brazil Whatsapp Number List months. Here are the details Published on September 15, 2020 Alt text The Single National Register of the Third Sector (RUNTS) will definitively take off in 2021. The State-Regions conference of 10 Therefore, September approved the draft of the ministerial decree which describes the rules Therefore,  linked to t light from the Ministry of Labour , approval from the Court of Auditors and the publication of the Decree in the Official Journal. The State-Regions session was fundamental for the progress of the work.

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