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Data to take into account when purchasing Product Excellence a link for sale: Domain traffic: Check if traffic is up or down. Directory where they will put the link: Check if it is very deep within the website and if it has traffic. Check the OBL: If that directory has more outbound links than inbound links, don’t buy it. Check if it is sponsored: Be careful, you are telling Google clearly that it is a purchased link. You have more detailed instructions in the Google Sheets . Sergio Cordero’s website Jorge Saez Link building in 2022 continues to be a fundamental factor for any sector with minimal SEO competition. Positioning without links in sectors where the competition has a certain authority is a utopia.

Have a wedding project Product Excellence and I find a blog that positions

One of my favorite ways to create links is to search for media or blogs industry email list that rank for a cluster of keywords related to my project , and create content related to the keywords that that media or blog already ranks. For example: if I have a wedding project and I find a blog that positions well for “tips for organizing a wedding”, a good option would be to buy a link on that blog where the content is similar to what it already positions, for example, making a content about “how much it costs to organize a wedding”. It is likely that the media or blog where we buy that link is relevant to that cluster of keywords, and therefore positions more easily.

industry email list

Making a content about how much it costs to organize a wedding

If we manage to make a link in content Phone Database related to our project and also get organic traffic through the sponsored article, we will have a great link. Jorge Sáez’s website Exclusive Promotion for B30 readers At Blogger3cero we always bet on quality and that is why we use Unancor to purchase links from our niches. Use the code BLOGGER3CERO and get an extra 10% for your first deposit. Take advantage of this coupon Jesus Roldan I’m going to tell you how I do external linking. When I work on link building, common sense prevails and I think about it with the real objective of making my website known.

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