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 In projects with low authority, high Product Chronicles competition or a large budget, we work the same, but investing in one or two good links each month, buying them directly from the medium we want or through an intermediary. If we talk about niches or clients with new websites, we wait for the content to position, we optimize it until at least one KW reaches the top 10 in the SERPs and only then, with traffic and KW positioned, do we look for external links. David Olier’s website Sergio Cordero Very good to all. I want to explain how to look for backlink opportunities based on your real competition . To do this, enter your domain in Semrush to see the competitors.

Enter your domain and Product Chronicles that of your competitors

Once identified, it analyzes its level of Keywords and traffic. Take note of your traffic and top industry data your Keywords. Download the list of competitors and paste them into the attached Google Sheets . Once this is done and taking into account your competition, study these domains and their backlinks one by one. Use the Semrush Backlinks gap and enter your domain and that of your competitors, select “Best” and download the Excel. Paste this data into the “Backlink Gap” tab of the Google Sheets that I linked above. These domains indicate where your competition has links and your domain does not. If they are there, you can too. Finally, analyze your competition’s Backlinks.

top industry data

Dump the data into the Google Sheets tab

Enter your competition’s domains one Phone Database by one, write down the total of Backlinks, Referring Domains and Follow and Nofollow links. Then, download the Follow Backlinks for each of the domains, filtering by a link by Reference Domain as shown in the image. Dump the data into the Google Sheets tab “Semrush Competition Dump”. Take all these domains and run them through Publisuites to see if they are for sale. NOTE: Now is the time to review the topic one by one and analyze, to get your OBL and the traffic of the specific domains .

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