Pressure losses in ventilation how to

For the correct functioning of mechanical ventilation systems and . Best optimization, one of the phenomena that we must take into account the most is pressure losses . The consumption of the fans and the necessary force that the installation will require will depend on this. Pressure losses are a phenomenon that comes from the air . Resistance in the ventilation system, which is greater the greater the air flow. During the passage of air from when it is blown from . The fan until it reaches its . Final destination, greater or lesser resistance is produce, caused by friction when passing through the air ducts and other equipment, such as filters, silencers, the heat unit or others. The loss of force of.

How to calculate pre ssure losses and optimize the system?

The air driven by these frictions is what we call pressure losses . Whether they are larger or smaller will depend largely on correct installation and design, avoiding very long routes and changes in section that cause the air to lose strength. This planning will achieve a greater or lesser ventilation efficiency , and if it is not taken into account, greater energy  consumption by the fans will be suffered. In order to calculate the Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number Data friction of the air with the interior of the ducts – what we call friction – we must take into account different aspects. The total distance between the fan and its final destination. The longer the conduit, the more force it will require. Section or elbow changes. When the air changes direction, pressure losses will occur . The diameter of the ducts. The larger the diameter, the more air transported. The speed of the air and its density.

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The fan force m ust be exactly

What the system needs after having calculated the pressure losses . Roughness of the inner coating of the pipe. To calculate pressure losses, nomograms, analytical geometry calculation methods, are usually applied and are of great help to calculate these losses in ventilation  Japan WhatsApp Number List  systems . However, as they originate from experience and use, the calculation of these nomograms is valid only in ducts with the most common materials and the most used roughness. The calculation of the estimated pressure losses in a ventilation system will allow us to push the air at the necessary speed, without having to increase the power of the fan, in addition to preventing it from not ventilating enough. In relation to the speed that the air should acquire, the following values ​​are taken into account: Ventilation in ducts at low speed: between 6 and 12 m/s. High speed duct ventilation.

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