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If the work accident occurs in a place beyond the control of the employer, it is done within 3 . Working days from the date of learning about the work accident at the latest. For example , in the case of a work accident that occurs on a Monday, the relevant notification is made by midnight on . Thursday at the latest. Self-employed insured individuals are notified of . Work accidents by SSI themselves. For this . Reason, a notification is made to the Institution within 3 business days at the latest from the day when the illness resulting from the work accident has eased to the extent that notification can be made.

However, in any case, this period cannot exceed

Month from the date of the work accident. It  must be done Turkey Telegram Number Data within 1 month at the latest after the work accident occurred. What Happens If a Work Accident Report is Not Kept? In case of a work accident, it is mandatory for the employer to keep a work accident report. If a work accident occurs but a report is not kept by the employer, an administrative fine is imposed against the employer by the Social Security Institution. Who Keeps Work Accident Reports? The employer keeps the work accident report upon the occurrence of situations that are accepted as work accidents by Law No. 5510. It is mandatory for the employer to keep a report. Should There Be a Lawyer in Reporting a Work Accident?

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Work accident notification is made by the employer

There is no obligation to have a lawyer when reporting a Cambodia Whatsapp Number List work accident. However, it would be appropriate for companies to benefit from the support of a work accident notification lawyer in order to avoid expiry of the notification period, avoid sanctions, and avoid loss of rights and interests . In addition, many rights arise for the worker in case of a work accident. In order for the employee to obtain all his rights and for the employer to avoid loss of rights during the legal process, it would be appropriate to benefit from a labor lawyer who is an expert in his field. How Long is the

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