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In other words, the heirs are necessarily bound to each other within the partnership of inheritance. Thus, they have rights on the estate jointly. No heir can obtain his share separately from the other. An inheritance partnership is a temporary partnership for sharing. The inheritance partnership continues until the inheritance is shared. Sharing can be done as mutual sharing or judicial sharing between the heirs. Heirs can freely decide how to share. Sharing is completed either by hand division or by a written sharing agreement.

In order for the inheritance sharing (division)

Ggreement to be valid; Signed by all heirs The contract must Lebanon Telegram Number Data be made in writing. If the heirs cannot agree on this issue, a sharing lawsuit is filed and the inheritance is requested to be shared. Each heir may request from the civil court of peace that some of the property in the estate be shared as much as possible, otherwise by sale. A sharing lawsuit is filed against other heirs by the heirs who want to share. A sharing lawsuit can be filed for the entire or partial sharing of the estate. In addition, the testator may have set rules about how to share the death-related disposition. These rules cannot affect the rights of the heirs arising from their reserved shares.

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The heirs can unanimously override the sharing

Rules of the deceased or impose different sharing rules. How to Russia Phone Number List Share Real Estate Inheritance? If there is more than one heir, joint ownership occurs on the inherited real estate. Therefore, the heirs have joint title to the real estate. Inheritance Distribution Agreement Heirs can share the inherited real estate as they wish by reaching an agreement among themselves. In this context, heirs can make an inheritance sharing (division) agreement.

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