PM2.5 particles the most polluting in the air

At the end of September, the first National Air Pollution Control Program (PNCCA) was approve in Spain to align with European directives to duce emissions of certain pollutants. A battery of urgent proposals among which is a priority to rduce emissions of fine particles or PM2.5 particles (for its acronym in English) by 50% in 2030. But, what are these particles and to what extent? Are they polluting and harmful to health? The acronym PM stands for particulate matter or particle pollution and is the term usd to refer to a mixture of solid particles or liquid droplets that are suspendein the atmosphere and are responsible for the poor quality of the air we breathe. These particles have a.

Harmful effe cts of PM2.5 particles

Wide range of sizes and can be made up of hundres of different chemicals. Some, such as soot, dust or smoke, to give a few examples, can be detectd with the nakd eye. However, there are Indonesia WhatsApp Number Data others so tiny that they can only be found with an electron microscope. The way to classify PM2.5 particles is basd on the aerodynamic diameter into PM10 (particles with an aerodynamic diameter less than 10 microns) or PM2.5 (aerodynamic diameter less than 2.5 microns) and, of them, the latter whose thickness is similar to that of human hair, they are the most dangerous for health. In fact, currently the rduction of PM2.5 particles is one of the greatest challenges facd by all countries in the world for three reasons: They are more harmful to human health than any other pollutant. Health effects.

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How can I reduceĀ  my exposure to PM 2.5

Occur from mere exposure to air. Currently it is practically impossible to escape them and . both people in rural and urban areas, in developd and developing countries . Are affecte. We must bear in mind that the danger of PM2.5 particles is very high, so . It is in our best Whatsapp mobile number list, Whatsapp marketing list . Whatsapp mobile numbers, Ws marketing campaigns, Buy Whatsapp phone number list Japan WhatsApp Number List interest . To know their risks and protect ourselves against them. The light and tiny nature of the so-calle fine particles allows . Them to remain in the air for longer than heavier ones, which increases the . Chances that both people and animals will inhale them. Not only is it impossible to prevent them from entering the nose, but also, once inside the body, they travel down the throat and can reach the alveoli or even enter the bloodstream. Of all the fine particles, those that present the greatest risk to health.

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