Personalization accelerates sales

I recently wrote an article about the economic benefits obtained by companies that opt ​​for long-term strategies , in which it is clear that those who care about providing solid solutions to the needs of their clients (ultimate objective of strategic projects), They are the ones that obtain the best results. Now I have come across a Mckinsey study on the need and benefits of personalization after the changes in purchasing habits caused by COVID (it has always been one of the keys, but now its importance has been accentuated). Now I will delve deeper into this topic, but these two topics have made me wonder, what do 2 seemingly different things have in common? (long-term management and customization). In my opinion, most of the things, if not all,

Personalization as a lever to improve company results

As a concept, customization is our ability to offer what our customers need at all times. It is personalization, but we could talk about customer experience or segmentation. After COVID, we have seen how our customers have changed their habits and have become more demanding, while at the same time considering buying products industry email list from other brands if ours did not satisfy them. That is, less loyalty to the brand. The fact that caught my attention the most from the Mckinsey study that I mentioned is: The brands that best personalize their offer achieve 40% more income in these activities than their average competitor. Companies that focus on personalization grow faster – Mckinsey 

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How does it make our customers feel that we know them?

The first highlighted response is related to the customer experience in physical and digital stores. This tells us about “mobility” itself, but also about what is found along the way (offers, messages, processes, etc.). Then we find a block of three elements Phone Database related to the purchase: relevant recommendations, communication adapted to my needs and personalized promotions. And then we get into more personal topics, after-sales service, personalized communications linked to my behavior, etc. How does it make our customers feel that we know them? -McKinsey Personalization generates sales, but also strengthens loyalty with second purchases and recommendations This information is clearer.

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