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 In recent months, proximity marketing has brought important results to those who own a commercial business: here is what its potential is and how to create an integrated and effective strategy to promote your business. Proximity marketing: what it is and what tools to use  Therefore, Proximity marketing allows you to send personalized content to the mobile devices of people present in a defined geographical area, with the aim of encouraging the promotion of services and products of commercial entities in the area.

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Marketing strategy for  .  Therefore, offline retail, it is possible  to .  Therefore,  provide Iraq Phone Number Data users with some useful information in real time on smartphones about points of sale, shopping centres, restaurants and other locations that are geographically close. There are many .  Technological tools that are used to carry out proximity marketing in a high-performance way and among these,  Therefore, Bluetooth, WiFi, beacons, QR codes and other apps dedicated to mapping, gamification etc. stand out. The advantage of

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Defined what proximity marketing is  Therefore, and what its China Whatsapp Number List objective is, it is essential to grasp its main advantage  .  Therefore, which is to address in a targeted .  Therefore,  and conscious way users who are in a .  Specific geographical area , taking  . Advantage of their position in order to .  Irient them towards the use of certain products and .  Services of local activities thanks to geolocalisation . Proximity marketing between digital and mobile signage .  Proximity marketing can be achieved in two ways: through digital signage and through mobile signage.

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