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First, many people have discovered the convenience of online shopping and have thus contributed to a real boom in e-commerce . But that’s not all: some sectors grew more than others during the Quarantine and now, in the post-emergency phase, they are starting to reap their fruits. Among these, the market for technological products stands out : tablets, smartphones, computers and other electronic devices are among the most purchased products of 2020. There are many reasons. First of all, many workers have started working remotely and therefore companies have invested in equipping their staff with specific digital and electronic tools. Same fate for the students, who instead were busy with DAD, distance learning.

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various companies, including IDC Italy, theĀ  Taiwan Phone Number Data world’s leading market research and events company in the IT sector. Purchases in lockdown: tablet boom We have already talked about the exponential growth of the online food sector during theĀ  . Coronavirus emergency . But there are other sectors that have experienced growth that are important to mention to get a complete picture. Among these, the technological one stands out , which includes different types of products. Among these, IDC focused on tablets , which played a central role for many consumers during the Quarantine. Tablets are among the most purchased tools in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The increase is 23.8% after years of declines.

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As many as 11.9 million devices

were ordered in the second quarter of 2020 . Growth is UK Phone Number List concentrated above all in Western Europe which recorded +28.3% . Among the companies with the highest number of tablets sold, Samsung comes in first place with 3.37 million units (+69.3%), followed by Apple which sold 2.56 million iPads from April to June. The increase is 6.3% compared to the previous period. Third place was Huawei , the Chinese company that delivered 1.

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