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Ptops or other more expensive and bulky devices. They were certainly used more for educational purposes by students forced to attend lessons from home due to the Coronavirus. According to forecasts, purchases will continue in the second part of 2020 even if we will have to wait until the end of the year to make a certain assessment. They will certainly have a role in the future too, also because both companies and schools will continue their digitalisation journey . Tech sector acquisitions The merger and acquisition (M&A) sector has achieved important numbers after the health emergency.

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Refinitiv, revealed that around a thousand deals Thailand Phone Number Data were made in 2020, worth 970 billion euros. Graham Secker, head of European equity strategy at Morgan Stanley, commented on the growth: “Coming out of a recession the cost of money tends to be cheaper and therefore there is always a rush for acquisitions and mergers ” . The tech sector is one of the luckiest: the current value is 351.4 billion dollars, which corresponds to + 17.8% since 2000, the year in which there was strong growth of the new economy. The data thus shows that the

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Coronavirus has had an unprecedented

Impact on the world economy and many companies USA Phone Number List have understood that digital represents a real lifeline to emerge from the crisis. SME capitalization: applications open.  The implementing decree has been signed which makes the measures linked to the SME Heritage Fund operational. Disbursement of the loan in a maximum of 30 days Published on .  September 17, 2020 Alt text The .  SME Heritage Fund , established by the Relaunch Decree (DL no. 34 of 2020), provides for the purchase of bonds and debt .  Securities of companies with particular requirements.  Specifically those damaged by the health and economic .  Crisis underway in 2020. of an important step for the recapitalization of Italian SMEs.

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