Negative SEO without links – The new techniques

Hello! How’s it going out there? How good? Because it has to go well! And, if not, just know that it won’t take long for him to get better. Macachesenlamar, I’m telling you! Today, the truth is, I bring up a tricky topic (and I don’t have much of a movie experience) of those that you doubt whether to publish or not. But, in the end, I decided to do it because if you avoid “the movie” in the end you will go bald. And it’s not that being bald is bad, not at all. It has its advantages, such as it takes less time to get out of the shower. Or that your friends don’t make jokes about how clumsy you are, it’s easier than it seems. Of course, it has a very “bad” drawback in winter: your head freezes! I swear, it’s cold.

The case study of Bartosz Góralewicz

Imagine that, suddenly, you start to see a drop in the positions of your keywords in two of your projects . The first thing you think of is a penalty or a negative SEO attack based, as we well know, on the creation of category email list thousands of suspicious links seeking the punishment of the penguin. TRUE? But, after analyzing and monitoring both aspects, you discover that it has nothing to do with that. The links are “healthy”, their On-Page SEO Optimized and the “SEO health” of both is, at least, a little better than that of all their competitors… What is sabotaging the visibility of these sites? What is happening? Is there something you’re missing? What is it?

category email list

Charging time sabotage without reaching DoS

Oh my, this could very well be the title of Tom Cruise’s latest movie with Cameron Diaz, right? But no, they won’t do it because they are filming the story Phone Database of little Nicolás. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Let’s see how I tell you. Do you know what DoS is? It comes from the acronym of Denial of Service and is a Hacker technique used for a long time that consists of saturating a server with requests until it reaches the limit of its possibilities and brings it down. Well, hackers have been doing it for a long time and it can also happen to you if Risto Mejide retweets you. It would be cool to get it, right? (jijiji, yes, it would be cool, a lot…)

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