Natural ventilation against COVID aerosols

.It is true that still, several months later, we do not know . Some specific aspects of the coronavirus, but there are others that seem to be quite clear. One of them is that its contagion is more likely in closed spaces that lack optimal ventilation. Therefore, it is very important to avoid these types of environments as much as possible. It is not always possible and, in those cases, ventilation is the best alternative. There are different options to do it, but in the following lines we want to focus on one of them. Therefore, we show you what natural ventilation against COVID aerosols should be like . Natural ventilation against COVID aerosols is one of the most important tools to fight the disease . In fact, if the space does not have mechanical ventilation.

Why is natural ventilation ben eficial against

However, it is true that, at certain times of the year, opening the .  Windows can be uncomfortable, due to the . Cold or drafts, but it is essential to do it. As we mentioned, whether the building has mechanical ventilation . Or not, a very healthy Malaysia Phone Number Data complementary practice is to ventilate naturally at least twice a day . In relation to this issue, health authorities frequently emphasize how important it is to ventilate close spaces. In addition, some experts affirm that it is as relevant or more than the use of a mask, social distancing or hand washing. We must not forget that aerosols remain suspended in the air and that ventilation reduces their residence time in this medium. When is natural ventilation against.

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Why is it importa nt to control CO2 levels

Aerosols necessary Nowadays, it is very common to find clos spaces in which groups of non-cohabiting people gather and require ventilation to avoid unnecessary risks . Thus, even if you decide to open the windows, it is . Still strictly mandatory to respect Malaysia Phone Number List social distance and wear a mask at all times. Furthermore, if, for example, a specific room is us for a certain time, non-cohabitants who are in it must . Have the windows open for at least 15 minutes . We insist that it is a measure that must be appli both in buildings that have mechanical ventilation and in those that do not. It is necessary to assess that the Ministry of . Health recommends that CO2 levels be measur to check if there is good ventilation. It would even be very positive to install CO2 meters to detect whether ventilation is adequate at all times, without any type of setback. In this regard, a parameter whose analysis is essential is the air renewal per occupant. The authorities recommend that it be at least.

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