Modern houses with ventilated facades and roofs

Modern houses with ventilated facade Mechanical ventilation systems are the ideal option to breathe the highest quality air indoors and also to achieve greater energy efficiency in our homes and buildings. However, in order for us to do without traditional air conditioning systems, it is also necessary to have good thermal insulation in the home and take advantage of natural ventilation. How can we achieve this? Many modern houses opt for ventilated facades and roofs , a great help to benefit from the natural effects of the wind. First of all, we should understand the importance that natural elements such as ventilate roofs and facades with a chimney effect can have on the energy efficiency.

How to build modern hou ses with ventilated roofs and chimney effect

Of a home. If we are looking for a totally efficient home that eliminates energy costs in air conditioning, the main options we can take are: Thermal isolation . It is not only that air does not leak through Switzerland WhatsApp Number Data the windows and doors from the outside into the rooms, but that the walls and ceilings are also made of insulating materials. Good watertightness guarantees that climatic conditions do not affect the homes. Mechanical ventilation systems . Through its use it is possible to cut spending.

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However, o ne of the challenges

On air conditioning and even be able to do without traditional air conditioning and heating systems. If they include heat recovery units, they can blow in heated air at no greater cost than the fans. Natural air conditioning systems. From the orientation of the fa├žade and India WhatsApp Number List the architecture taking into account the position of the sun, it is possible to use the climate of each region to be able to naturally temper the interior rooms of a building. Placing awnings to block the sun in summer and allow the rays to penetrate in winter is an option. But the most efficient solutions are those with natural air passage, such as ventilated roofs and facades . In a simple way to understand, we could say that the.

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