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This document can be obtained from the notary or the civil court of peace. After receiving the inheritance certificate, an application is made to the municipality where the real estate is located. Therefore, A document showing that the property does not owe property taxes is requested from the municipality. Because, if there is a property tax debt, the debt must be paid. Then, an application is Therefore, made to the inheritance and transfer tax office. Therefore, Inheritance and transfer tax is paid and a document is requested from . The tax office proving that the . Relationship has been terminated. After these are fulfilled, the heirs.  Therefore, can apply to the land registry office with all the necessary documents and request the registration of the real estate in their names.

Registry Office for transfer Therefore, Because, inheritance procedures

Do not have to be carried out by all heirs, they can be Belgium Telegram Number Data carried out by any heir. When the application is completed. Transfer procedures are carried out by the land registry office and a new title deed is issued in the name of the heirs who are the new owners. Inherited real estate is exempt from title deed fees. The revolving fund fee of 1298.5 TL, determined only for the year 2023, is collected by the land registry office. Are All Heirs Necessary for Succession in Title Deed? For the transfer of inheritance, it is sufficient for one of the heirs to apply for title deed transfer to the relevant Land Registry office.

Telegram Number Data

What is Required for Inheritance

Documents required for inheritance transfer Belgium Phone Number List procedures: If there is a title deed for the immovable property to be transferred, or a document indicating the immovable property and parcel number, or a verbal statement from one of the heirs. Identification If it is done through a . Therefore, Representative, document regarding the representation Photograph If the nature . Therefore, Of the real estate is a building. Compulsory earthquake insurance Certificate of.  Inheritance (certificate of inheritance) Inheritance and transfer tax.  Relationship certificate If any, property tax debt, inheritance and transfer tax and revolving fund fee must be paid.

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