Marketing investment in 2021 grows compared to 2020 but is far from pre-pandemic

Investment in marketing in 2021 in Spain begins to pick up the pace . In 2021, the investment figure reached 28,277 million euros, 7.2% more than the 26,416 in 2020. This figure represents 2.3% of GDP, 0.1 point less than the 2.4% that represented a year earlier. This has been revealed by the AMES Study (Analysis of the Economic Impact of Marketing in Spain), presented by the Spanish Marketing Association (AMKT) this morning, which has indicated that, despite the fact that 2021 was a year of recovery, the sector is still far from recovering the numbers from before the pandemic.

How has marketing investment evolved in 2021

Investment in Advertising, communication category email list and promotion had the highest growth, 13.9%. Fairs, exhibitions, congresses and conventions recovered 53% over the previous year’s decline, and Investment in influencers also grew significantly (23.9%). Following in growth are Advertising Gifts (20.9%), Branded Content (14.6%) and Media Buying (11.3%). The only exceptions with decreases were investment in Sponsorships (-10.6%) and Company Publications (-7.1%). The cost of marketing personnel represents 13.2% of the investment and remained stable, with a minimal decrease of -0.8% compared to the previous year, when it was the only part with growth, favored by the ERTES.

Marketing jobs remain stable

The number of companies in the Phone Database different sectors of activity with more than 10 employees and more than €1M annual turnover fell to 70,102, a 1.6% drop compared to 2020, when they had increased despite the pandemic. The end of the ERTES could have influenced this decrease. Marketing jobs in these companies totaled 118,002, 0.7% less than the previous year. And salaries in marketing amounted to 3,744 million euros, just a minimal decrease of 0.8% compared to the previous year. Total employment in marketing, 118,002 professionals, continues to be 3.9% lower than the first year of the AMES Study, 2010, when they totaled 122,792. Total marketing compensation is also lower than it was twelve years ago.

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