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What is a reaction? Simply put, React is a JavaScript library for creating user interfaces. Before getting into the main discussion, let’s get some information. For those of you who want to start learning programming, especially website development, you can learn at Decoding Academy, you know it! Because Dicoding provides multiple learning paths, starting from the learning path of becoming a front-end web developer, to becoming a back-end developer. Interesting, right? Check out and register for classes now. So, in this article, we will discuss React. Start from understanding, characteristics, and advantages. So, please read this article carefully so as not to miss any information. What is a reaction? React is a JavaScript library for building interactive user interfaces. The library is made by Facebook and is open source. 

The library is very popular to use

 And is always developed by major contributors and the community. React is famous for the concept of components. There are two types of components in React, namely: Functional components Functional components are React components built purely using JavaScript functions. Functional components do not store state and are only used to display the UI. In other words, this ws database component can be called a stateless component. Although it is stateless, the component can receive data through properties, or props. class component Class components are components created through JavaScript classes and inherit the properties of React Component. In contrast to functional components, class components can store and manage state and have multiple methods, one of which is rendering, which is used to display the UI. 

This component can be called a stateful

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Component because it can have state. Here are some of the advantages when creating website UI using React components: State Management: When creating stateful components, you can leverage state to decide how to reactively render the UI based on value/state. Encapsulation: All data (images, CSS, or structured data) required by a component to display the UI is contained within Phone Database the component. This is why React components are encapsulated. Reusable: In addition to being encapsulated, React components are also reusable or reusable. You don’t need to create multiple components to display the same UI. Just use what you’ve already made. Rapid development: The role of reusable components is rapid development. It’s different if you have to do everything from scratch. 

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