Preparing the Site Before Launching Contextual Advertising

Preparing the site before launching contextual advertisingto attract and retain the attention of your audience. Simply having a website is no longer enough. Its further effectiveness and conversion into targete action largely depend on advertising. Which attracts traffic to the page. Proper preparation of the landing page determines the effectiveness of the entire campaign. Preparing a website for promotion and launching advertising is a process that includes correcting errors. Seo optimization of content, improving the user interface, checking links and much more. In this article we will look in detail at each stage of preparation, as well as the details of advertising campaigns. Features of the mobile version and other aspects of preparing a web resource for the launch of advertising. Content design content discounts and promotions sections and links analytics systems and goals. Page loading spee mobile version briefly about the main thing design. 

This means that the design uses too bright colors and too many animations

Visual design plays an important role in the perception of the site. If the resource is designe in an outdate style. With incorrect color combinations and confusing navigation, then, most likely. Users will quickly leave the page without really Special Marketing Database studying the offer. launching contextua That is, the traffic coming to the site will be ineffective, and the advertising budget will be waste. In addition, such user behavior can negatively affect the site’s ranking in search and its promotion. Errors of outdate design include the following: retro style. This means that the design uses too bright colors and too many animations. If this is not implie by the brand concept, then the user may get the feeling that the site was abandone many years ago. Overloade structure in the past, no one thought about how convenient it was for the user to find . 

This is also a useful element for seo

The menu looke like an endless panel without division into categories and blocks. Lack of navigation elements so-calle “breadcrumbs” indicate to the user what page he is on and what its position is in the site structure. Headings that duplicate menus are a Australia Phone Number convenient way to return to previous levels of the site structure and move between sections. This is also a useful element for seo, as it helps search robots understand the hierarchy of pages on the site. Lack of an adaptive version for mobile gadgets since the number of users who prefer portable devices is constantly growing. The lack of an adaptive version will negatively affect traffic and page promotion.

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