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 Bluehost has great offers from time to time, where the cost of the server is only €35.00 per year and you get the domain for free on top of the deal. In addition, if you get a server from Bluehost, you can install a WordPress blog with the click of a button. The only downside to Bluehost is that you can’t get a .fi domain through them. Additional resources: 3 easy steps to start blogging ^ Back to top 6. Choice of theme It is also worth taking the time to choose a theme. One of the most important factors in choosing a theme is mobile friendliness. More and more people read blogs on phones and tablets. If the blog does not scale according to the device, the reading experience becomes boring and the reader quickly leaves the blog. WordPress has a wide range of free themes available.

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 At this point, I recommend you to bet and not go from where the fence is the lowest. There are also good servers in  that the pricing is tied to the number of visitors. The more readers visit your blog, the more expensive the server becomes. In latest database the beginning, this is a big challenge, because you cannot estimate how many readers visit your blog. From time to time, the number of visitors also varies greatly, so you may have to pay a large monthly price. I switched to Bluehost a few years ago. I have also used Bluehost in 2007-2008 when I was unemployed and building websites for fun using html code. Have fun :D. All my current sites and blogs (5 pcs) are hosted on Bluehost.

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 If you want to manage your home yourself, decide which furniture (plugins) and interior items (pictures) you choose there, you need a server and a domain. When choosing a domain name, you should stop and Phone Database think for a moment. Is the address easy to remember? And does it fit your brand? Does the domain have the possibility to grow to larger proportions (e.g. as a company)? Check: Is the address/name already booked? What kind of images does the domain/name bring to your readers? Is the domain/name close to another blog or brand? Google the domain/blog name.  get? Do the search results have a positive or negative reputation? Does one and the same blog/brand/company dominate the search results? Is the blog name free also on social media channels? Server It is worth spending time choosing a server. The server has a significant effect on, for example, how quickly your blog loads, search engine optimization, user experience and even sales.

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