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What RUNTS contains Inside it you will .  Be able to  a series of data on Third Sector entities : from the name to the legal form, up to the offices and date of incorporation. Furthermore, it will also be possible to. K know what the object of the activity is of general interest, the .  Minimum assets, the details of the legal representatives and the subjects who hold other corporate positions. The financial statements and reports will also be available . How does it work Established by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies , the Register will be managed at an operational level by the regional or provincial offices, together with a state office.

It is public and can be accessed electronically

The Ministry will then control the .  Tegistration system Iran Phone Number Data of the various bodies, so that they are uniform, can coordinate with .  Each other and respect the rules related to its management. From the entry into force of the decree, according to paragraph 2 of article 53 of the Third Sector Code, both the Regions and the autonomous Provinces will have to regulate.  The procedures for issuing registration and cancellation measures within 180 days. To achieve this objective, the

Phone Number Data

IT system developed by Infocamere must be set

up which will allow electronic registration. Full operation Canada Whatsapp Number List of RUNTS is therefore scheduled for 2021.What is proximity marketing and what are its advantages Proximity marketing offers important advantages for those who own a .  Commercial business and.  Eant to enhance their sales strategy: here’s how to use it for retail Published on.   September 14, 2020 Alt text Proximity marketing is a .  Geolocalized service that allows you to create and send personalized content to target users who are in a geographical area of ​​reference.

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