Jon Hamm is Santa Claus in this Fox Sports spot filled to the brim

The Soccer World Cup is being held this year unusually in November, so the most famous tournament in the world of football will have to compete unstoppably with the always bustling Christmas season (and more specifically with good old Santa Claus) . The new Fox Sports spot for the FIFA World Cup revolves precisely around the rivalry between Christmas and football that we will probably witness in the coming months.

The spot created in-house by Fox Sports,

In the Fox industry email list Sports advertisement. The American actor Jon Hamm ( Mad Men ) takes on the role of a somewhat paranoid Santa Claus accompanied by Ellie Kemper ( The Office ) as Mother Christmas. Therefore, plethora of “cameos” by brilliant stars such as Mariah Carey and Tom Brady. While the character played. Jon Hamm is worried that the one with the band being the largest sporting event on the face of the Earth will compete in popularity with Christmas. Therefore, his wife insists on seeing the good side of such a happy coincidence : related gifts with football. Ad hoc Christmas lights and even themed cookies.

industry email list

Wayne McClammy celebrated its premiere this Sunday

Beyond Tom Brady (who is apparently a Phone Database fan of Cristiano Ronaldo) and Mariah Carey who is, as one might imagine. Therefore, extraordinarily busy at Christmas singing the legendary song  All I Want for Christmas Is You. Therefore, they also appear in the new Fox Sports announcement of the entire US soccer team players. The 2022 World Cup is historic and unique. It will be the first time that the tournament will be held during the Christmas season. Therefore, our campaign is precisely focused on letting people know how special this moment will be explains Robert. Therefore, gottlieb, president of marketing at Fox Sports. “Combining the biggest sporting event in the world with the most fun. Festive time of the year is a real gift for fans,” adds Gottlieb.

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