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This is what we call compliance and privacy. obey. this technology is it some kind of server to server connection or Larry King yes.. Yeah, it does become important for them to start focusing on quality, they are the search engines, focusing on quality, which I think probably leans more towards the idea of ​​”less but better”.

Any questions so is there an easy way to explain

Obviously we cannot use Jiangsu Mobile Number List third parties, then we will face the same fate as block ad scripts. Obviously we can’t use browser script calls because that’s what Google uses too. This is a server to server callBrian Dean Yes, exactly. Because if you think about Google year, year, if you search for a very niche keyword, like how to write a press release or something like that, there will be some results, but not that many.


They don’t have a stunning result

With perceptions across advertising platforms so different, the development of script communication channels may become more fragile. They’ve all Afghanistan Phone Number List built similar servers, and vendors such as clients can now encrypt and send that information safely and securely so that you can still remarket like you did years ago. to put on the front page. Now they have enough. It’s all about curating the best, and if you only launch the best, you’ll be rank No. 1, but if you put in the extra effort to be the best, you have a chance to hit No. 1.


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