Humidity in summer or winter when

Autumn has brought with it the first rainfall that may have aggravat the humidity problems in our home. Or maybe it’s just a feeling? The truth is that, although the manifestation of humidity is more evident in winter, in summer they do not disappear. Today we ask ourselves in which season humidity is most dangerous . Humidity is the amount of water vapor in the air or, in other words, the total amount of water  with which a body is impregnat or which, vaporize, mixes with the air . And although it is often overlooke it has a direct impact on human health. Even more, it is consider that maintaining an adequate range ofside homes, a range between 40% and 60%, is key to keeping health at bay. What many people do not know is how serious it is to have too much n the home.

How humidity is p oduce in summer and winter

As well as too little, so although in winter the manifestations of water with steam become more evident, in summer, when homes ventilate constantly, we should not neglect them. Basic principles Greece WhatsApp Number Data for rehabilitating a home As a general rule, humidity levels tend to be low during the winter  and high during the summer, and warm air contains more moisture than cold air. We describe summer air as sticky or humid, while dry air is considerd static. It is difficult to compare summer humidity with winter humidity since, as we said, it occurs in both seasons and varies depending on the climate around.

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The effects of low hu midity on health

levels can fluctuate daily. In summer, the windows and balconies remain open practically all day to enjoy the brightness of this season and its good temperature. It might seem that  homes has no India WhatsApp Number List place in this  picture . Nothing further. The hot air inside houses in summer is capable of absorbing a greater amount of humidity. Furthermore, when this hot air mixes with the cold air that may be in rooms with higher humidity (garages or basements, for example) and cools, it creates.

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