How to make startups grow after funding

There are many startups that receive grants and funding.  But how can we guarantee their growth even after the granting of these benefits. This was discussed during the meeting on Sistema Invitalia Startup Published on 01 October 2020 Alt text In recent years, many startups have been born and grown thanks to external financing and investments, many of which are provided by the PA.

Invitalia has calculated that in two years around

startups have been financed, while 220 projects have been India Mobile Number Data presented and 580 companies have been followed. The data was presented during the event dedicated to Sistema Invitalia Startup. Also present at the meeting were Domenico Arcuri , Invitalia CEO and extraordinary commissioner for the Covid emergency, the Minister of Innovation Paola Pisano , the Invitalia Incentives and Innovation Manager

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Ernesto Somma and the undersecretary of the

Mise Gian Paolo Manzella . During the event, various ideas Indonesia Phone Number List and opinions alternated on a fundamental topic: how to make an innovative company evolve even after financing. Often, in fact, the resources made available to startups do not guarantee success and growth. If you do not invest in constant and effective evolution, you risk making the capital injection futile. Let’s see what the evaluations emerged during the meeting to address this issue.

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