How to build a prioritization framework

There’s little point in starting something if you can’t complete it to a high standard. The same applied to marketing initiatives.

Before you start a project you should ensure you have all the tools you need. Without sufficient resources, like budget, time, and an available marketing team, you’ll struggle to effectively tackle a project. Noting what’s available to you before moving forward will increase your likeliness of success. If things are tight, consider shelving initiatives and focus on more achievable projects in the meantime.

How much revenue with the project generate?
ROI is key when it comes to planning strategic goals. Prioritize your marketing based on what will have the biggest impact on your bottom line by weighing up the cost and time vs the projected outcome.

If you prove that your team efforts directly correlate with increased revenue then you’ll be much more likely to get support from others in your organization.

What initiative or campaign does this support?

Does this latest project support an ongoing initiative or campaign? If not, then consider the rationale behind it.

It’s unrealistic to expect 100% of projects to align with your strategic objectives, but if many projects fall outside these objectives then you will need to reconsider your resource allocation. Why invest time in projects that don’t contribute to what your business is trying to achieve?

Have you done this before?
Data-driven decision-making is a crucial Oman Phone Numbers part of marketing prioritization. If a previous initiative wasn’t successful, you need to understand what went wrong. Identify the specific challenges and obstacles that hindered or led to success.

What were the key factors that led to the shortcomings? Were there issues with planning, execution, resource allocation, or external factors? Examining these aspects can help you learn what to do differently in the future.

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How urgent is it?

Some marketing tasks are essential for success, without them your business – and revenue – could take a big hit. For example, if you don’t advertise a sale, your customers won’t be aware of it meaning fewer purchases and less profit.

Other projects support important tasks Argentina Phone Number List but aren’t tied to strict deadlines. These are projects that are nice to undertake and despite having benefits, don’t directly lead to increased revenue like a rebranding project.

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