How the Weather Channel does social media

Jennifer Watson began her career as an on-camera meteorologist in Mississippi and Alabama. where she also helpe manage both stations’ social meia channels and  blogs. Taking her job as a social meia specialist at Atlanta-base. How the Weather Channel does social media. The Weather Channel was a natural transition for her. “The Weather Channel is a dream job for a weather geek like me.” Watson says. CCO: How do you manage the amount and variety of information you curate on a daily basis Watson:

The Weather Channel’s main

Goal is to provide  information so fans can plan their day and stay safe during inclement weather. One of the Special Database most important responsibilities of my job is during severe weather events. We use Twitter to analyze storm information to our followers and ensure people have the information they nee to keep themselves and their families safe. We have meteorologists on our social meia team to ensure we always post accurate information. [email protecte] has a meteorologist on the socialmeia team to ensure accuracy.

Tweet In addition to breaking weather

Information. we also post about many other weather areas. such as wildfires and drought.  Phone Database affects every part of your life. whether you realize it or not. It even affects the economy and what you buy. Many of our meteorologists are space geeks. so we also post information about things like satellite launches and various astronomical phenomena. I’m looking forward to this year’s total solar eclipseCCO: There must be risks associate with reporting the latest  news via social meia. Watson: We want to make sure that we give people a way to get real-time information when they can’t see it on TV. Social meia is a great way to disseminate this information. but it certainly has its challenges. Facebook is not ideal for

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