How do we use virtual reality to design ventilation systems

Augment reality in architecture Augment reality (AR) consists of a set of technological . Devices through which a part of the realĀ  . World is visualiz with information add virtually . That is, virtual elements are add such as . Graphics or information in different formats about the environment that is . Display in real time. This peculiarity provides great advantages in . Terms of money and time, since it makes it possible to carry out tests of all kinds remotely and . View all types of details and information in a very simple way. In this way, a technician could view the components of a piece of equipment simply by pointing a device with an AR app at it , without having to consult complicat.

How do we use augment rea lity to design ventilation systems

Ensive manuals.We know augmente reality mainly for leisure purposes, but, due to its characteristics and multiple advantages, we are fac with a very useful tool for the construction sector that will allow work processes to be carri out in a more efficient way and contribute to Australia WhatsApp Number Data the design and dimensioning. Augmente reality, which is a complementary tool to carry out a complete construction project, already allows the visualization of the building in situ. In the case of ventilation and architecture, it is of great help in the design and dimensioning of the ventilation systems of new buildings. Virtual Reality and architectur.

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Benefits of Aug mente Reality

Projects hand in hand With this technology, buildings can be visualizd in the moment prior to their construction, virtually placing ourselves in it to perceive the spaces and structures. In the case of ventilation, virtual reality allows us to understand the structural and aestheticĀ  Australia WhatsApp Number List impact of the ventilation ducts , being able to carry out virtual assembly tests and choosing the ideal place for the final installation. There are several applications and programs to use virtual reality in architecture. Among them we can highlight AR Siber , which allows you to visualize the installation of ventilati.

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