How can it be done? Here are some suggestions

 Make emails mobile-friendly mobile-friendly email marketing statistics curat by 99firms show that 85% of smartphone users access their emails on their mobile devices. And approximately 42% of all emails are open on a mobile device. These are pretty solid numbers that show how important it is to make your emails mobile-friendly. How can it be done? Here are some suggestions: keep subject lines short keep the text clear and to the. Point make your cta stand out use a one-column template. Or a floating template (many email marketing providers have these) use a clear.

There are also ideal times

 Large font add only small. Spe-optimiz images maintain space asia email list between your lines. Especially with links make your first line of copy the best (mobile email users often see it with the subject line before clicking on your email) test your email templates on as many devices as you can. Reward loyalty all email subscribers are important. But those who have stuck with you for a while should receive. Something extra to thank them for their loyalty. Do this by sending exclusive promo codes or offers to those who have shopp with you recently.


There are also ideal times

 Or. Set up a rewards program for members to get special offers Phone Database or earn points to use on future purchases. Know the best times to send emails just as there are best times to post on instagram and other social mia platforms for engagement. There are How can it be also ideal times to send emails. Of course. There are circumstances where sending emails at specific times is a must. Such as with a limit-time sale. But in general. Getresponse finds that 4 a.m. Is best for global.


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