Guidelines for developing sustainable architecture models

Sustainable architecture has a leading role in the transition towards a green economy and cities . In fact, almost of the European population already lives in urban environments. To transform this reality and comply with the commitments of the Paris Agreement, it is essential to develop new models of sustainable architecture. Sustainable architecture values ​​the environmental impact of all the processes of a work . From the obtaining of raw materials, through construction techniques, the location of the building in the urban and natural environment, its energy efficiency and ending with recycling and demolition. It is basd on five main points, from which.

What guidelines d oes sustainable architecture follow?

A series of indicators are outlin to know if a building is sustainable or not. Optimization of materials and resources with planning that puts sustainability at the center. Commit to energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy. Ruction of waste and emissions with good management and savings .Ruction of maintenance  UK Phone Number Data nee. Well-being for users with good air quality and thermal and acoustic comfort. What are the sustainable architecture models for 2? According to the Energy Efficiency in Buildings Directive (EPBD) , all homes built in the EU from 20 must have almost zero energy.

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Future models of sustainab le architecture

Consumption . Furthermore, the energy they use must come from renewable sources locat in the building itself or in its surroundings. Not in vain, buildings are Africa Phone Number List responsible for almost half of the energy consum in the world, as well as the emission of 40% of greenhouse gases . Through sustainable architecture, energy expenditure can be ruc, in addition to the environmental impact of buildings. Thus, measures will continue to be implemente to increasingly integrate sustainability into architecture, following the guidelines of certifications such as Breeam , LE, and similar. The commitment to renewable energies will continue, since they are not only.

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