Guide to creating the Chatbot Design Canvas

Let’s see, cuchi cuchi, a guide to filling out a sheet of paper with 12 boxes? Man, at least let’s know what to put in each box. No? A quick review… okay? But, the first thing you’ll need to do is download the Chatbot Design Canvas template (thanks to Srini Janarthanam). The 12 questions of the model, to be filled out in this order, please, let’s not be lazy, Therefore, are: Value Proposition. Although the translation would be “what is the value proposition”, I prefer to say “what is the reason for the chatbot?” It is placed in the center and it is more from the perspective of what pain points it covers, what it is expected to achieve, what we are investing the resources to create it for. Therefore, Is it to reduce the workload of the support department? Is it to amuse your readers? 

User Who is going to chat with your bot

That’s it! Has it been too long for you? It shouldn’t because, come on, just by reading the top industry data introduction and some key point in the middle… you save the rest for when you  decide to make a bot . No? The fact is that here, as you see, I wanted to highlight again the idea that we should not start trying or doing without thinking , at least not crazy because as research it may be cool but then it is difficult for us to get something clear. Do you get me? By creating Chatbot Design Canvas you will force yourself to consider things that are key when creating a chatbot . You will go through the strategic part necessary for its success. And then whoever has to implement implements.

top industry data

Deployment Platforms.

Maybe you think that analytics is something unimportant, that you don’t expect to receive much or that you leave it to marketers, but nothing could be further from the truth. The analytics of your bot is crucial and not only to know how many people are using it and if it is working well, but also to review how your bot is responding to the recognition of user messages and thus be able to “teach” it to Phone Database be increasingly smarter. Marketing. And last but not least, as they say, you will have to think about how you are going to attract an audience to your bot, how you are going to get it talked about or used. What type of marketing can you do? Wi

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