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The features in React: JSX JSX is a JavaScript syntax extension that allows you to write XML-style syntax to modify the DOM (Document Object Model). A little explanation about DOM. DOM itself is an application programming interface that has the function of setting the structure of website pages. So, for those who want to add dynamic content to a web page, you have to modify this DOM. JSX is an extension that allows you to add dynamic content to your website pages more easily. Because this extension helps you input XML-style code into the DOM. One-way data binding Data binding is the process of connecting display or user interface elements to the data or components that populate them. Data binding in React is a one-way data binding.

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View to component:  will also be visible in the component. So, what is React? This is our discussion this time. React is a JavaScript library commonly used for building interactive user interfaces. React is developed by Facebook and is open source. There are several features that are very useful for website developers, such as JSX which is useful for modifying the DOM and has ws number list one-way data binding. That’s it for this article. Are you interested in using React to create a website? Write your answer in the comment box below. Stay tuned for our next article. goodbye. Learn what React is closer to – The End Also read other featured articles: What is JavaScript? Functions and examples What is the JavaScript programming language? Developers must know. JavaScript Tutorial: Write your first JavaScript code.

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