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The first case it consists in the use of digital .   Posters that are positioned outside the activities , allowing companies to quickly modify the promotional message. In the second case, to spread your promotional messages you instead directly use the smartphone screens of people who are nearby and this is certainly a more powerful form, especially considering the increase in mobile purchases.

Manage your digital presence on search engines

Sites and social media from a single point .  HOW Israel Phone Number Data Proximity marketing and wifi .  WiFi is a very useful tool for proximity .  Marketing and is used in particular by companies that have a.  Llimited budget to invest in this type of activity. The operation is very simple; commercial .  Activities simply have to activate .  Wi-Fi  in this way online visibility is achieved and direct .   Communication is possible, sending users.   Oinformation that they can read from their smartphone  .  Ifter activating the connection instead of the classic newsletters , as in the case of special promotions or other useful information to use.

Phone Number Data

This tool has proven to

Obtain better results than proximity Therefore,  marketing with Bluetooth France Whatsapp Number List due to people’s predisposition to keep it disconnected on their devices and turn it on only when necessary. P Therefore, oncerns the type of content that is intended to be conveyed to users.  Therefore, Some companies decide to dedicate themselves to the creation of information content that enriches the person’s experience, providing all the information they need in a given place and at a given time.

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