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However, in order for phone messages to be evidence, they must be obtained lawfully. Because illegally intercepting phone messages violates the right to privacy. In this case, the messages will be considered prohibited evidence and will not be evaluated by the court. For this reason, the person can use the phone messages sent to him by the other party as evidence. However, messages received secretly or through threats, intimidation or deception from the spouse’s phone without his/her knowledge cannot be used as evidence. What are the Evidences of Cheating in Divorce ? As evidence of infidelity in the divorce case, many evidences such as audio and video recordings, photographs, letters and correspondence, social media posts and messages

Bank and hotel records, tickets purchased for the same direction

On the same date and time on transportation Denmark Telegram Number Data vehicles, conversation records, unusual gifts given to the opposite sex, etc. available. However, evidence of infidelity in divorce (evidence of betrayal in divorce) is considered as evidence by the judge, provided that it is obtained by legal means. Otherwise, it will not be considered by the judge as it will be within the scope of prohibited evidence. What are the Serious Faults of Women in Divorce? Situations that are considered faults in divorce are specified in the law. However, the reasons are not limited to these. Situations that can be considered as defects vary in each concrete case.

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Situations that are generally

Considered fault in divorce: One of the spouses Estonia Phone Number List commits adultery, One of the spouses makes an attempt on the other’s life, treats them very badly, or behaves in a seriously degrading manner, If one of the spouses commits a crime or leads a dishonorable life, One of the spouses leaving the common residence in order not to fulfill the obligations arising from the marriage union. One of the spouses is mentally ill, One of the spouses .  .  Violates the obligation of fidelity, One of the spouses uses physica.  Economic, psychological, social or sexual violence against the other spouse, It is the avoidance of one of the spouses from .  Fulfilling their obligations arising from the marriage union.

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