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Reinstatement Case The reinstatement case is a lawsuit filed by the employee. This lawsuit is filed within 1 month at the latest after being notified of the termination of the employment contract. The reason for the lawsuit is that the termination is unfair and reinstatement is requested. Service Detection Case In our country, sometimes the length of service of workers may be underreported in SSI. In other words, there may be a dismissal of an insured worker whose insurance premium has been paid incompletely . However, the employer can make employees enter and exit work in bad faith in order to reduce the receivables arising from severance pay and other rights. Sometimes workers may be shown as uninsured throughout their entire work.

In all these cases, a service determination lawsuit can be filed

Work Accident Compensation Case A work accident USA Telegram Number Data compensation case occurs when a worker is injured or dies while doing any job-related work or while at work. In case of death of the worker, this compensation is paid to the legal heirs. Case Regarding Workers’ Receivables The labor receivables case is a substitute case in case the receivables, whether due to termination or not, cannot be collected from the employer. The rights of dismissed subcontracted workers are the same as those of a regular worker. In other words, dismissed subcontracted workers will be able to put forward the same demands. Where Should a Dismissed Worker Apply? The rights of workers who are unfairly dismissed are protected. If the worker cannot receive these rights, he must apply to the labor court. Here, he must file a lawsuit arising from labor law disputes.

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Mediation is a requirement for

litigation in disputes arising from disputes between France Whatsapp Number List employers and employees. In other words, people should apply to the mediation office in the courthouse before filing a lawsuit. How to Claim Labor Credits? There is no need for the employment contract to be terminated later, as the labor receivables will receive wages that are not subject to termination, overtime wages, UBGT (national holidays and general holidays), and week holidays. These receivables can be claimed from the employer even while working. In order to claim receivables due to termination, the employment contract must end. As long as the employment contract continues, the employee will not be able to claim these receivables from the employer.

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