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Finally, in case you are still hungry, let me leave you with a few excellent articles on this topic that I did not write and that, perhaps for that reason, are of excellent quality: Mega Mailchimp tutorial in Spanish by Frank Scipion. The most complete Mailchimp tutorial in Spanish by Rubén Alonso . I also have him in very high esteem and admire him as a professional. How to integrate Thrive Leads with Mailchimp . My friend Javi has a great post out of his sleeve explaining this very powerful lead capture tool and how to integrate it with Mailchimp. Conclusions That’s it! Hey, I haven’t left you material here for you to become “Gauyrú of Mailchimp and email marketing”. TRUE?

Manage your subscriber list with MailChimp

This is perhaps the most complete of all. I published it just when I was starting to set up my blog’s subscription top industry data system and with the concern that I needed a system that would send all my posts. In this post with a 20-minute video tutorial you will find a complete guide on how I have it configured. How to offer an archive when subscribing to your blog . Another problem and question that arose for me at that time was how to automatically reward my new subscribers with a file that could be an ebook or a Zip with wallpapers. The problem is that Mailchimp, in its free version, does not allow auto-responders. Therefore, I had to find an alternative way. You have it revealed in this article.

top industry data

Groups and Segmentation in MailChimp

Without a doubt, these are two concepts that can be quite confusing. Isn’t a group good for Phone Database grouping? And a segment is not removed? Or how is that going? Well, read this article and you will see how it becomes very clear to you. Conditional tags in Mailchimp . It is not just a question of whether you can do it but a question that is advisable and very powerful. Thanks to Mailchimp’s conditional tags, you can even write emails that speak feminine or masculine depending on each reader who receives it. Doesn’t it seem interesting? Well find out!

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