Evaboot cleans data better

Evaboot cleans data better Evaboot is particularly advantageous for users seeking a streamlined efficient tool for LinkedInbased lead generation. Lets compare Evaboot and Skrapp on seveal criterias Data Export Data Cleaning Data Filtering Customer Service 1. Data Export Evaboot Evaboot export more data 35 data point vs 22 for Skrapp. It also export more interesting data like Open Profiles. evaboot vs skrapp open profiles Knowing if a prospect is Open profile allows you to know if you can send them a free Inmail. That way you save connection requests for other leads.

Given that Linkedin is Evaboot cleans data better

More and more restrictive on the number Special Data of connection request you can send every week that is a game changer. How To Search For Open Profiles on Linkedin 2023 Tutorial Filter Open Profiles on Linkedin It also automatically convert Sales Navigator URLs into Linkedin URLs which Skrapp doesnt do. skrapp vs evaboot url conversion We did an export of the same list so you can take a closer look at the difference in the data by downloading the files. EVABOOT FILE SKRAPP FILE Also the data export is slow and you have to wait for.

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Skrapp to open every

Page to finish your extraction. skrapp Telegram Number vs evaboot scraping speed With Evaboot its a simple one click process. evaboot vs skrapp export process We visit the page in the backend so you can do other tasks while we are exporting data. 2. Data Cleaning Evaboot than Skrapp. Especially last names and company names. Skrapp keeps the first name and company names in all caps but Evaboot cleans it. For company names Evaboot clean juridical mentions but Skrapp keeps them. Here is an example Original Data Evaboot Skrapp Linkedin Link Aurlie CASTANOS Aurlie Castanos Aurlie CASTANOS see profile DataConsult S.A. DataConsult DataConsult SA.

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