Energy efficiency in double flow ventilation

The search for buildings that are much more respectful of the environment and have moderate consumption is the main challenge of current construction. Both European regulations and the guidelines of the Technical Building Code indicate that sustainability and reasonable consumption are basic pillars of construction. For this, mechanical ventilation is a mandatory requirement, although to maximize health and find a way to air condition indoors in an ecological way, we must rely on energy efficiency in double-flow ventilation . First of all, what does energy efficiency in the home mean? Greater cost savings in household supplies, which is consider necessary for various factors: Buildings are the biggest source of pollution in our cities . To improve pollution levels and maintain sustainable consumption,

Comfort and sustain ability in dual flow ventilation

We must find ways to supply energy to our homes and workplaces in a more affordable way. The cost of electricity bills and other energy sources has skyrocket in recent years. It is believ that if price increases continue, one day all homes that are not energy efficient could Denmark Telegram Number Data be in energy poverty . Awareness of energy efficiency is essential to avoid depleting natural resources and being able to maintain healthy development. There are many actions that can be carrid out in buildings, such as: Use of low consumption systems and appliances. From the light bulbs to the washing machine and the refrigerator. Greater tightness in constructions. The greatest consumption occurs in air con.


Ditioning, so m aking our homes

More airtight saves us energy costs in traditional systems that generate large consumption, such as air conditioning and heating. Renewable energy systems. In buildings it is possible to Brazil Telegram Number collect rainwater or install solar energy panels, to mention some of the most common examples. Installation of mechanical ventilation systems , and especially double flow . The nee for mechanical ventilation systems originates from the greater tightness of buildings, in order to guarantee the correct air flow that is need to have healthier rooms. However, in do.

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