Employee Advocacy: the enhancement of the company

Employee advocacy. The enhancement of the company through the role playe by employees and collaborators davide rossi – 5 july 2022 employee advocacy there are many ways in which a company and. More generally. A brand. Can promote itself through different forms of marketing and communication. A relatively new methodology is that of employer branding. I.E. The set of key elements and values. Which defines the identity of the organization as a workplace. If adequately communicate. These aspects lead to highlighting the distinctive characteristics of a company compare to its competitors.

More recently a new form of promotion has develope

We are talking about employee advocacy. In this case we refer to those actions that employees carry out  in support of the company they work for. In these new database cases the collaborators are. In fact. Spokespersons in flesh and blood for the brand’s values (a sort of brand ambassador). Transmitting the perception of their company as an excellent place to work. Encouraging positive word of mouth aime at stakeholders and. In particular. New talents. You might be intereste in. “Marketing plan. How the agency helps you meet deadlines” the essence of employee advocacy employee advocacy obviously nothing starts by chance.


It is necessary. As with any marketing action

To prepare strategic planning aime at defining precise programs to put employees and collaborators in a position to be. In Phone Database a totally free way. True bearers of the company values. If everything is planne effectively. The values of the brand and – consequently – the positive image of the company will be conveye through direct word of mouth (or. If we want to use a technical term. “Word of mouth”). The posts publishe on employees’ personal social profiles. Blogs and other forms of interpersonal communication without passing through the company’s official platforms. Social meia marketing statistics where to start to create an employee advocacy policy employee advocacy it is interesting to understand the different points of view of the operators involve in a site project. 

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