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Moodboard shows the mood of your blog at a glance. The feeling you want to create for the reader when he visits your blog. This is how you start a blog The images published on your blog can either make your blog successful – or keep it far from it. Images include: Blog post cover image or article image Additional photos in the post Publication photos to be shared on social media Your own profile pictures Images in the sidebar Pictures of the products (if you have your own products one day) You can take and edit your own photos, hire a photographer or get photos from either free or paid image banks. Additional resources: This is how you bring high-quality images to the blog by Tim Blog photos by Taru Mari Picmonkey image editor Canva.

People interpret things differently

to the following matters: list of previous jobs (testimonials) feedback on facebook opinions and reviews of others how well you and your opinions are listened to** schedule: how long you have to wait for the appearance price: cheap special data does not always mean quality ** Be careful what you ask for. , and if a website designer is used to doing things his own way, he may not be able to interpret if you talk in roundabout ways. Before requesting an offer, think carefully about what you want. Additional resources: The best WordPress themes by Vehree Blog codes by Ilona HTML cheat sheet by Bree WordPress Themes at Creative Market WordPress themes at Theme Forest This is how you start a blog This is how you start a blog ^ Back to top 7. Images and color scheme Below I have collected some mood boards from Pinterest for inspiration.

Does the theme support the most


 However, the possibility of editing is limited in these themes. By purchasing the entire theme (from €8.00), you can modify the theme as much as you want. When thinking about a suitable theme for your blog, consider the following questions: Does the theme do your Phone Database content justice? Is the theme easy to customize to suit your brand? Is the theme search engine optimized? Is the theme mobile friendly? Is the theme compatible with most browsers? (PS You can see what device and browser your readers use to read your blog from Google Analytics data Audience –> Technology –> Browser and operating system and Audience –> Mobile –> Overview)  common/plugins you use? Is the theme easy to install? You can also hire a professional to design your blog for you. When looking for a professional, pay attention to e.g.

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