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Sharing of Inheritance Among the Brothers in the Second Estate (Siblings of the Inheritor) The testator’s own siblings are the second class heirs. Therefore, for siblings to be legal heirs, there must be no heirs in the first class. If the testator has no descendants, the mother and father of the testator, who is the .  Head of the second estate, become the heirs. If the mother and father are alive, the siblings of the deceased .  Cannot inherit because they are the heads of the family. Siblings may .  Inherit if one or both parents have died before the deceased. In this case , the sharing of inheritance between siblings varies depending on .  Whether the inheritance is shared with the.  Deceased’s spouse or not: If the inheritance is shared with the deceased’s spouse, the spouse’s share of the inheritance is 1/2. The remaining 1/2 is shared equally among the siblings.

If one of the parents is alive, the sibling’s share is

And the parents’ share is 1/4. If the inheritance is not shared Indonesia Telegram Number Data with the deceased’s spouse and the parents are not alive, the entire inheritance is shared equally among the siblings. How to Share the Father’s Inheritance? Sharing of inheritance from the father refers to the sharing of inheritance among the descendants of the deceased. The descendants of the testator are the first class heirs. In order to understand how the inheritance will be shared when the father dies, it is checked whether the deceased has a surviving spouse.

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Likewise, if the father and mother are

Dead and the mother is alive, the .  Share of inheritance that the Iran Phone Number List descendants will receive is different from the share of inheritance that the  .  Descendants will receive if the mother is not alive. Accordingly, if the deceased has a surviving spouse, 1/4 of the inheritance belongs to the spouse, and the remaining 3/4 is shared equally among the descendants. If the deceased.  Has no surviving spouse or if the spouse cannot inherit for any reason, the entire inheritance is shared .  Equally among the descendants.

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