Control relative humidity indoors how to achieve it

When we talk about improving comfort in the home we always think about temperature. For example, when someone turns on the air conditioning unit in summer, they normally take the temperature into account, but there is another value almost as important as the values ​​on the thermometer: it is the water vapor in the air. Controlling Control relative humidity relative humidity indoors can be key to improving the feeling of well-being at home, how does it affect us? It must be taken into account that many of the traditional air conditioning means do not modify the humidity values, but simply change the temperature.

How to control the rela tive humidity in the home?

The air conditioning emits cold air and the heating heats it, but the relative humidity remains at the same values. Due to the relative humidity in the environment , we can notice the following effects: Greater sensation of heat in summer. Difficulty of naturally cooling a room. Very common sweat, since the water vapor in the environment Singapore WhatsApp Number Data does not allow sweating Control relative humidity efficiently. A more intense cold in winter and indoors. Basic principles for rehabilitating a home In addition, relative humidity can damage furniture or walls and also negatively affect the interior of our homes. Worse yet, excess water vapor in the air is a source of health problems. From asthma to respiratory complications.

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Humidity can nega tively affect

Those who live in an affected area. What humidity values ​​are within acceptable ranges? To do this, we must calculate the relative humidity in the environment , which technically is the “mass of water Malaysia WhatsApp Number List vapor in the air by volume divided by the mass of water vapor by volume at the saturation point at the same temperature.” . But beyond the technical explanation, it helps us to know the values ​​and how they affect them. We can consider that the saturation point will be 100%. The relative humidity will be lower, and can tell us key aspects in a building. For example, if we want to dry the clothes it will be very difficult for us if it is at 70%, which will.

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