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Choose Inbound Marketing to build relationships with potential customers Speaking of friends… You know that person who wins you over with a nice chat, making you feel special and wanting to get to know them more? That’s the idea behind Inbound Marketing ! It is a Digital Marketing methodology that serves to attract potential customers through the production of content (or Content Marketing ) and also through all the other techniques and channels that you have seen so far.

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Marketing fulfills the function of making consumers enter the sales funnel of their own free will — all because you, also of your own free will, shar materials that generate value with your audience! But it doesn’t stop there: in addition to Inbound Marketing helping to make the sale , it also helps your company Latest database maintain the relationship with the customer even after the first purchase. This way, they tend to buy more often and may even become a brand advocate , recommending it to other people.

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Social networks ; Paid mia; E-mail marketing. The main idea is to win over these potential customers organically, through valuable materials that answer questions and humanize your company — to identify with it in a way that nurtures a reciprocal relationship. In other words: the public begins to become interest in the brand and desire its products  phone database or services. In this way, Inbound Look: Inbound Marketing Steps How to start applying Digital Marketing? There are basically three ways to operationalize Digital Marketing in your business.

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