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In this way, the court will be able to bring the phone records to the court by writing a warrant to the specified operator. Thus, phone records can be considered as evidence. Photo Evidence in Divorce Case In a divorce case, photographic evidence is an important tool to prove the existence.  Of a reason for divorce. Because, with photographic evidence, issues that constitute grounds for . Divorce, such as adultery, violence, attempt on life, living a dishonorable life, and very bad and degrading behavior, can be proven. Like other evidence, photographic evidence must be obtained in accordance with the law.

Because taking a photo of a person without

Permission or secretly will violate the right to privacy and will Greece Telegram Number Data not constitute evidence. According to the Supreme Court, in a marriage union, there are situations such as spouses living in a common residence, using a shared vehicle, and being in common areas. It is seen in the Supreme Court decisions that evidence obtained in these common areas can be accepted as evidence in divorce cases. For this reason, photographs taken secretly or without permission in common areas may be accepted as evidence. Because common areas are not considered privateInheritance Sharing Inheritance sharing can be done in two ways;

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Consensual inheritance sharing

And judicial inheritance sharing. Consensual inheritance Hong Kong Phone Number List sharing: If the heirs agree on how to share the inheritance, they either share the inheritance manually or . Sign a sharing agreement. Judicial inheritance sharing: If the agreed inheritance . Sharing cannot be achieved between the heirs, the court . B Distributes the inheritance as a result of the sharing case. What is Inheritance Sharing? The inheritance is left to . The heirs in the form of a partnership. Inheritance sharing is the process to . End this inheritance partnership. To share the inheritance, the heirs can share the inheritance by agreement or apply to the court. If the testator has not determined the inheritance sharing rules . With death-related disposition ( will , etc.) or if the heirs cannot agree, the inheritance sharing rules stated in the law are valid.

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