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The RUNTS represents a unique point of reference at a national level, however there will be some sections linked to particular institutions. Registration in the Register will not be mandatory but useful for accessing specific tax benefits . What is the Single Register? What RUNTS contains How does it work What is the Single Register? This is a fundamental tool for ing all the information related to Third Sector (ETS) entities. Specifically, it is divided into seven sections , one for each type of ETS: voluntary

organisations, social promotion associations

Social enterprises (including Indonesia Phone Number Data cooperatives), philanthropic bodies,  assocation networks, mutual aid societies and other third sector bodies. The reference legislation is Legislative Decree 117/2017 which establishes the rules related to the Third Sector. Within the text, we also  article no. 53 which refers precisely to the creation and management of the Single Register for which the decree of the Ministry of Labor is necessary, the document on which the State-Regions

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Conference worked. Save time and

Customers with Italiaonline’s digital offer  HOW The Cambodia Whatsapp Number List Minister of Labor, Nunzia Catalfo, assured that « in six months the Register will be operational . It will constitute the tool capable of guaranteeing the uniform application of the legislation throughout the national territory and at the same time the transparency of the Third Sector, thanks to the publicity of the data and documents present therein, which will be accessible electronically to all citizens”.

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