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It is necessary to present the inheritance of the testator completely and accurately, to determine whether there are any dispositions that violate the reserved shares of the heir and whether there is any situation such as theft of property from the inheritance . Otherwise, as a result of the inheritance sharing, the person will not be able to obtain the inheritance share that he is truly entitled to. Therefore, it would be appropriate to benefit from . The support of a good inheritance lawyer who is expert and experienced in his field. Frequently asked Questions Father, One Mother, Different . Siblings Sharing Inheritance When the father dies, all his . Children and his spouse on the date of death share the inheritance.

The spouse’s share of the inheritance is 1/4, the remaining 3/4 is shared equally among all

Children. It doesn’t matter which mother the child is Iraq Telegram Number Data from. If there is no spouse, the entire inheritance passes to the children. Inheritance Sharing and Dispute Between Siblings In case of disagreement between siblings regarding inheritance sharing, judicial sharing can be resorted to. Judicial sharing is achieved through inheritance sharing litigation. Each heir may request the division of the inheritance from the civil court of peace. How to Share Inheritance in the Land Registry? If there is an inherited real estate, the heirs jointly own this title deed.

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Therefore, real estate can be transferred to each heir in

Proportion to his share. In order to make savings in Latvia Phone Number List the title deed, an agreement of all heirs or a court decision is required. In case of shared title deed inheritance sharing, none of them can dispose of the real estate alone. Sharing of Heritage in Islam In Islam, inheritance sharing is done by looking at the Quran, sunnah and jurisprudence. The closeness of the person to the deceased is taken as basis in becoming an heir and determining the share received from the inheritance. In the Quran, inheritance sharing is done according to the characteristics and conditions of the concrete event.

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