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Regarding religious inheritance sharing, sons’ inheritance share is twice the inheritance share of daughters. If the Muris has children with his parents, the inheritance share of each mother and father is 1/6 of the estate. If the deceased has no children, the mother and father have 1/3 share. What is Age Allocation? Age allocation is made through litigation. Age correction lawsuit is a lawsuit that aims to correct the age written incorrectly by civil servants. With this case, it is possible to reduce or increase the age written on the ID card. What is Age Allocation? It is the restoration of a person’s unrealistic identity age to the real one by court decision as a result of an age correction case .

What Does Age Allocation Mean? Age allocation means changing

The population registration through Therefore, a lawsuit if the  date of birth Israel Telegram Number Data in the person’s population registration does not reflect his or her actual age. The person applies to the court to ensure age allocation. As a result of the evaluation made by the court, if it is concluded that the birth certificate does not reflect the real age, it is decided to change the birth certificate. Therefore, How to Assign Age? Age allocation is made by filing an age correction lawsuit. It is the civil court of first instance in charge of the age Therefore,  correction case . The competent court is the court of the Therefore, plaintiff’s residence. The age allocation case is opened with a written petition.

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The court examines medical

Biological and physiological data and reports and various Lebanon Phone Number List evidence. Additionally, witnesses are heard. If the court finds that the age allocation is incorrect in the population, it decides to correct the person’s age. What is the Maximum Age Reduction? With age reduction, it does not matter how much the age is reduced. Therefore,  Because, if it is determined that the person is Therefore,  younger than the identity age, the court will decide to reduce the age. In this case, it does not matter how much Therefore,  younger the age determined by the age correction case is than the age written on the identity card.

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