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What happens if a work accident is not reported within 3 days? Notification of work accidents is an obligation of the employer. According to the law, it is mandatory to notify SSI of a work accident within 3 working days after the work accident occurs . An employer who does not notify SSI of a work accident within the legal period will be subject to sanctions. The temporary disability allowance to be paid to the insured for the period until the notification date to be made by the employer is collected from the employer by the Institution.

Thus, the employer will have to pay the temporary

Disability allowance paid by the Institution to the insured Taiwan Telegram Number Data to the Institution for each day of delay. If the self-employed insured (art. 4/1-b) do not report the work accident within the legal period, the incapacity benefit to be paid to them . Will be paid as of the date of notification. Thus, the insured will be deprived of temporary disability . Benefit for each day.  He delays in reporting his work accident to the Institution. Additionally, it is a legal obligation to report a work accident to SSI . If notification is not made . Within the legal period , the penalty for not reporting a work acciden. Which is an administrative fine, will also be applied.

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How to Report a Work Accident in 2023

Regarding how to report a work accident. Therefore,  Certain  methods Australia Whatsapp Number List are prescribed in the legislation for . Notification to the Institution. These methods are. Direct reporting Notification by registered mail Notification via e-insurance The form, content .  And submission procedure of the work accident declaration are regulated in the Social Insurance Therefore,  Procedures Regulation. Entry of work accident notification will be the simplest and fastest way to provide it via Therefore,  the internet. In this case, notification made through the work accident entry system is sufficient and a separate written notification to the Institution is not required.

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