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Naturally, there is no shortage of predictions for .  The future and advice on how and where to operate based on.  The data collected. In fact, the report also represents a useful point of reference for understanding what the market situation will be like in 2021 and drawing up an operational strategy . Exports to Italy: export growth in 2019 Exports and Coronavirus: the situation in 2020 .  Export Italy: the countries to focus on Exports to Italy: export growth in 2019 Our country’s exports had a .  Significant reduction during the Covid-19 emergency ,

But according to the report, the worst period

Is about to end and starting from 2021 there will be a total Japan Phone Number Data recovery of the shares lost in the previous 12 months. Furthermore, the survey contains all the definitive information .  On exports in 2019, which had already had a small decline .  Caused by geopolitical tensions, such as Brexit or the protectionist policies of the United States. Specifically, in 2019 the export of products increased by +2.3% , one point less than the previous year (in 2018 it recorded a +3.6%). Do you want to sell online? Create your e-commerce with our experts!  HOW Exports and Coronavirus: the situation in 2020

Phone Number Data

As mentioned, the Coronavirus has had

A major impact on exports . In Hong Kong Whatsapp Number List the first six months of 2020 there was a sharp decline in the sale of goods (-15.3%) and services (-29.5%). Naturally we are faced with a truly exceptional situation, without any comparison on a historical level, so we must read these data in context. The recovery is expected from the first months of 2021 but each sector will react in its own way . In particular, growth is expected in intermediate sectors , such as the cross-border sale of metals. Consumer goods, such as those linked to the clothing and fashion market, are more critical and characterized by greater uncertainty. The same applies to the sale of means of transport, such as cars, and electrical appliances.

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