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Those who want to start a loyalty process, pushing a. User to make their first purchasing action, choose to convey ad hoc content such as coupons and instant promotions . However, this strategy must be carefully studied: the secret is to provide promotions that are perceived as useful by the visitor, otherwise you risk being perceived as spam. Furthermore, by integrating an  . Email marketing system , it is possible to follow the user even outside the . Store , proposing new personalized offers and thus starting an ad hoc loyalty process. Finally, we must not forget another very interesting category of content.  Qhich is emotional content: extra content and entertainment elements are essential to ensure that the customer is motivated to use your proximity marketing system.

Proximity marketing and monitoring

The last important information for those who . Decide to Italy Phone Number Data implement proximity . Marketing concerns monitoring: the analysis of the data obtained is essential to . Understand if a valid strategy is being implemented and to learn to know the users to transform them into loyal customers through campaigns data driven . Anyone who does not dedicate . Themselves to a timely analysis of the reports risks completing the work halfway and not achieving the desired results.Impact of Covid-19 and export objectives in Italy.

Phone Number Data

The data from the 2020 Export Report published by

SACE offers a snapshot of the markets and  sectors to focus on German Whatsapp Number List in 2021. Here are the details . Published on September 14, 2020 Alt text The 2020 Export Report is the recent document developed by SACE which photographs the current export situation in our country : which are the countries with the greatest potential? And the sectors to focus on. The survey seeks to answer these and other questions.  In fact, it contains numerous data and food for thought that can be very useful to Italian companies that want to start or strengthen an internationalization path . Specifically, a reading of the 2019 scenario is offered.  Which is compared with the current year, which is certainly more . Difficult, because it is characterized by the Covid-19 health emergency .

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