Passivhaus strengths and compatibility

One of the challenges that energy efficiency faces in our country is the way in which its ideas must be implement in buildings. Until now, there have been no standardizd criteria on how to bring sustainability to construction, and the sector has had to start moving after much-needd regulation. Legislation that will also mark a before and after in 2020, when the mandatory Almost Zero Consumption Building comes into force . However, one of the Passivhaus strengths best ways to adapt to this is to bet on the most valud energy certificates on the market. We are referring to BREEAM and Passivhaus , two references throughout Europe. What is interesting about certification seals such as BREEAM and Passivhaus ? Basically, they guarantee.

Houses of the future, wh y opt for an ecological certification seal

That a construction complies with a series of sustainability standards. But, above all, they establish some guidelines to be able to carry out projects that are respectful of the environment and Iran Telegram Number Data that involve great energy savings. The buyer of a property certifd by one of the two seals can know that it will comply with the cutting-edge in energy efficiency . On the other hand, looking at the future of the industry, it is a good idea to bet on the implementation of one of these sustainable energy Passivhaus strengths seals whenever possible. Meeting its requirements is already enough to adapt to Almost Zero Consumption Building . And, of course, both Passivhaus and BREEAM guarantee really little – or even zero – expenditure on supplies along with more than satisfactory comfort. Furthermore, both organic certificates are totally complementary.


Common featur es of BREEAM and Passivhaus

In some cases they offer the same solutions – such as the tightness of buildings or the nee for mechanical ventilation systems -, and in others both BREEAM and Passivhaus values ​​can be combine . Offering the BREEAM and Passivhaus seals on a building is undoubtely Iran Telegram Number a very high guarantee that it is committd to energy efficiency . In more detail, what do these certificates give us? Ecological houses of the future The homes of the future will have to consume less due to an ecological nee – especially in cities – but also to face the great growth in energy costs. And that’s where sustainable homes come in , a way of looking at the residential sector with energy efficiency at the center of everything. What main features do BREEAM or Passivhaus homes have to be benchmarks in.

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